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Simple Washing Machine Repair Tips (DIY) Do It Yourself

A washing machine is the need of the hour especially at this time when our whole family is at home quarantining ourselves. Imagine what would happen if your washing machine stops working all of a sudden and your laundry get piled up! Nerve-wracking, isn’t it? But, don’t fret! Here, we help you deal with some simple tips on how to repair a washing machine at home.

There are some common washing machine problems, which you can fix yourself at home without an expert. So before you start hand-washing the pile of dirty clothes or giving away for laundry services, try these easy washing machine repair tricks.

Check some basic fittings

Before you start worrying about repairs, just be sure if the washer lid of your machine is closed as the first step. In some washing machine models, the washers do not fill up if the lid is open and you might think it stopped working. So, have a quick check on this to avoid unnecessary repairs and worrying. Secondly, check for the valves, the main water supply behind your washer. Usually, there are two valves- the hot and cold water valves fixed to the washer. Sometimes, these valves might not have been opened properly due to which the washers don’t function. This is a common problem that occurs when you install a new washing machine at home or during shifting. Therefore, check for these basic fittings before going for the washer repair.

Clean the hoses & washer filter

Some of the washing machine problems are caused due to the clogged hoses and filter with dirt and clothing fibers. Cleaning the hoses and washer filters regularly will save you from expensive and time-consuming washing machine repairs. Give your washer a good clean by first disconnecting them from the washer fill valve and flush. Place the hose in a bucket as soon as you remove it. If there is any dirt or debris left inside, try removing it with a toothbrush.

To the washer filter, switch off and unplug the wire first, then disconnect the hoses from the back of the washer filter. This way, you can clean the dirt settled in the inlet valve. After cleaning it, attach the hoses again and switch on your washer.

Look over the wires

Sometimes there might be a loose or broken wire connection that doesn’t allow the washer to fill. Have a quick look at the wire connection and ensure that no wires connecting the washer water valve are either loose or broken. If you see them loosened, you can fix it yourself. However, calling an expert would be best in this case if you aren’t sure to repair it yourself. A professional washing machine repair technician would be able to fix it easy knowing the exact problems of your washing machine.

Unclog the washer fill valve

Any dirt or debris in the washer fill valve might stop the water supply in the washer causing your washing machine to stop functioning. To avoid this, it is necessary to clear the washer fill valve often before washing. Have a look if the main supply valve is turned on completely and check your washer fill valve to see if something disrupts the water supply. Just unplug the washer, pull it forward, and then remove the fill hoses from the washer fill valve. The debris around the washer fill valve screen might cause damage to your washing machine and flood the house. So, deal with it carefully and help your washing machine run smoothly.

If you find any other major problem with your washing machine, call an expert immediately to fix it. Regular washing machine maintenance and repair services are necessary for the long life of it and to function properly without any issues. Connect with Sulekha for any washing machine repair services near you at affordable costs.

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