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Drinking contaminated water can lead to waterborne diseases

Waterborne diseases have proliferated to such an extent that it has become absolutely essential to ensure the safety of our drinking waters. Of the many water purification methods that exist today, purification using a water purifier is the easiest and the best recommended solution to obtaining good drinking-grade water. But which water purifier is the best in the market today? This is a tricky question because the market is inundated with water purifiers that have different modes of operation. In fact, the answer to the question would most likely have to be compiled into a list. If it is, then RO water purifier service is somewhere on the top of the list.

Aqua water purifiers work on the simple principle of reverse osmosis. The fluid is circulated through a semi-permeable membrane system under pressure. This forced movement of the liquid remove the contaminants from the water making it safe to drink. There are many reasons why RO water purification technology supersedes other technologies in preventing water borne diseases. Here are few of them:

WaMulti-step purification process: Unlike the other technologies, the purification process using RO purifier improves water quality with the increase in the number of filters units used. Most RO filtration process uses at least four different types of filter units including two pre-filters, one reverse osmosis filter and one post filter. Additionally, the membrane filter itself is constructed with a pore size slightly larger than the water molecule. This ensures absolute sterility of the filtered water. In short, you get clean water with no compromise to your health. This is the best solution if you live in places where your primary source of water has high total dissolved solids (TDS), such as water from bore wells or rivers. High TDS increases the risk of water borne diseases. By increasing or decreasing the number of filter units, you can reduce health risk from such diseases.
  • Can be combined with another purification process to ensure absolute safety: Many RO systems in place, already have built-in UV lamps and germ kill kits that further ensure the complete removal of all water-borne pathogens and disease-causing heavy metal contaminants.
  • Remove all types of contaminants in one go: With RO water purifier service, it is possible to remove multiple contaminants in water such as dirt, bacteria, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, fluorides, arsenic and chlorides, bad odor and certain algae such as cryptosporidium predominant in lake waters. The best part is, this can all be done with a single unit. Other systems such as UV filtration and ultra-filtration have a functional limit and often have to be combined with other purification systems for effective functioning. This is not economical in a home environment.
  • Easy maintenance: Most water purification systems, if not maintained well, can themselves be sources of water-borne diseases. Unlike many of the other systems, maintenance of RO water purifier is very simple. Since the entire process relies on water being passed through a membrane, the only thing that needs periodic replacement is the membrane itself. However, since the filters are regularly rinsed out during the filtration process, they need to be replaced only periodically. Replacement of these filters are very easy, cheap and can be done at home without any professional help.
  • Places with RO purification systems in place, have already seen reduced spread of many water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A and diarrhea. In addition to the easy maintenance of RO water purifier, RO purification is cost-effective. This is especially ideal in a country like India where pollution is rampant and there is need for cheap water purification systems. If you are thinking of having a sophisticated RO water purification system installed in India, then Aqua Solutions India is the ideal way to go. When it comes to RO technology,
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