5 Best RO Water Purifier

5 Best RO Water Purifier in India For Safe Drinking Water

Are you planning on buying a brand new RO water purifier or replacing your old one? Then you’re on the proper page. Here we have the simplest 5 Best RO Water Purifier in India. We’ve done the diligence for you and reviewed the best-selling RO purifiers in India. Purified drinking water is important to steer a healthy and safe living. Therefore you would like the simplest purifier for your home to understand which Ro water purifier in India made it to our list keep reading.

RO Water Purifier

RO is that the most popular filtration method available. Within the reverse osmosis process, water is forced across a semipermeable membrane. The contamination is flushed down the drain and clean drinking water is collected during a holding tank. RO purifier is suggested for water with high TDS (total dissolved solids). The purifier requires regular maintenance.

Components of RO Water Purifier

  • Sediment Pre-filter: it’s the primary stage of water purification. The pre-sediment filter removes fine and coarse particulate impurities/dirt in input water. It also improves the lifetime of the RO membrane.
  • Activated Carbon Pre-filter: It removes impurities like harmful pesticides. It also adsorbs bad odors and improves the taste of the water.
  • RO/UF membranes: RO membrane eliminates the hardness, heavy metals, dissolved salts, and pesticides. It also removes microbial impurities within the supplied water like viruses, bacteria, and cysts.
  • TDS controller: It controls the TDS level of the output water. The Reverse Osmosis process can remove essential minerals like Calcium & Magnesium also. The TDS controller makes sure of the presence of essential minerals within the water.
  • UV Filter: The high-intensity UV bulb kills any virus, bacteria, and parasites present within the water. Carbon Post-filter: The Carbon post-filter enhances the taste and also removes the foul smell from purified water.
  • Storage Tank: The purified water is stored in a tank. Make sure. The tank of water purifier should be made from food-grade material.
  • Display: the essential display comes with essential alerts like membrane change, TDS level indicator, etc.


5 Best RO Water Purifier in India


1. Kent Supreme Plus 2020 RO + UV + UF + TDS Zero Water Wastage5 Best RO Water Purifier in India For Safe Drinking Water

Kent water purifier are the perennial favorites for Indian homemakers. Kent features a water purifier model fitted to most requirements. The Kent Supreme Plus 2021 may be a comprehensive product blessed with excellent features.

  • Zero Water wastage
  • TDS system 
  • RO + UF + UV + UV_LED
  • Eight-litre storage
  • Fully automatic
  • Wall-mounted design


  • Excellent purification process.
  • Ideal for houses located in coastal areas and therefore the industrial belt.
  • Suitable for a family of 4.


  • Filter replacement costs are additional expenses.
  • White color entails regular cleaning.


2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amaze 7L RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes features a reputation for being a market leader in consumer appliances. It’s won the trust of quite 15 million families in India. 

  • Advanced RO + UV + MTDS purification.
  • Suitable to be used for TDS levels 200 to 2000.
  • The storage capacity of seven liters.
  • Food grade plastic.
  • LED indicators.


  • Excellent after-sales service is available.
  • Multi-stage purification.
  • Durable cartridge.


  • 7L tank capacity is insufficient for giant families.
  • The water faucet isn’t in-built but a separate attachment.


3.Kent Grand Plus 9L RO+UV+UF+TDS Zero Water Wastage 5 Best RO Water Purifier in India For Safe Drinking Water

Kent Grand Plus ZWW is another excellent water purifier model that uses patented ROTM technology to form water 100% safe for drinking. It features a multi-stage purification process to form water potable.

  • Multiple purifications including RO, UV, UF, and TDS
  • Zero water wastage
  • TDS Controller
  • UV LED protection within the tank.
  • The capacity of nine liters
  • Wall-mounted design


  • Optimum use of rejected water
  • Excellent water purification
  • Maintains water purity even during storage


  • Recurring maintenance costs
  • Product available only in white color


4.LG Puricare WW150NP RO + UV Water Purifier

LG may be a renowned consumer appliance manufacturer in India. The success of LG air conditioners, TVs, and refrigerators should be proof that Indian consumers trust LG to deliver exceptional performances. This LG Puricare water purifier doesn’t disappoint in any way.

  • The capacity of 8 liters
  • 100% RO purification 
  • Can be used for TDS up to 2000ppm
  • Dual Protection chrome steel Tank
  • One year warranty


  • Dual protection water purifying system
  • Does not mix impure water to regulate TDS levels as some water purifiers do
  • Excellent looks complemented by a fantastic performance


  • Does not have UV at the purification stage but compensates during the preservation stage


5.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel 8L RO+UV+MTDS

Along with Kent, Aquaguard may be a reputed model cherished by Indians. Eureka Forbes is one of the renowned companies to manufacture water purifier of high-quality in India. This Aquaguard Marvel 8L model is one of the bestsellers today.

  • Multi-stage purification including RO and UV.
  • Eight liters storage capacity.
  • Active Copper technology.
  • Taste Adjuster (MTDS) controller.
  • Mineral Guard Technology.


  • Multi-stage purification process.
  • Copper purification technology is an innovative one.
  • A compact design with a metallic finish.


  • Installation costs are additional.
  • Customers have complained of bad after-sales service.


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